a great example
on how to do it right

PupSocks, a company that puts images of your beloved pet on a pair of brightly colored socks made the toughest time of the year look easy. The holiday season may be the most stressful time for most e-commerce brands, but PupSocks set a great example on how to do it right. 

PupSocks achieved a 1-day turnaround throughout the year and maintained the same momentum during the holiday season, tackling every challenge with motivation and drive, increasing their revenue and strengthening their team. 

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$0 to $8m in revenue
within the first 30 days

Scaling from $0 to $8M in revenue within the first 30 days, their team dominated the holiday season with quick turnarounds, quality-controlled products, and a strong customer service team. 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, PupSocks continues to sell custom products that feature customers’ favorite photos of their pets. Selling to people in 39 countries, PupSocks is the go-to spot for custom pet gifts. 

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