From the creators of PupSocks, a unique gift you can give to cherish a pet, brings you FaceSocks, a gift for any occasion! A product that is guaranteed to start a conversation.

FaceSocks offers unique, customized products that won’t go unnoticed as you parade through town, accept that diploma, or say “I do.” What better way to show your love and appreciation for the people closest to you than a personalized product made-to-order! We think people should know who you’re rooting for, and who you are willing to take with you every step of the way.

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We’re here to add value

By choosing ThreadStudio as their on-demand fulfillment center, we’ve become their team of designers, customer service extraordinaires, marketing specialists, and more – totaling about 235 people. Our team is small but our impact is mighty. 

Our team of experts worked closely with our supplier network to source premium quality products. From socks, to blankets, to mugs, we are constantly developing new products and designs to cater to every occasion and style. We are excited to have our community of trend-setters with us to come along for the journey, one pair at a time. 

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